Britta Prinzivalli

Iconographer Britta Prinzivalli began studying the art of icon-painting soon after she graduated with her degree in Art Education from Towson University.  In the summer of 2003, she encountered a hand-painted icon of the crucifixion in a small hermitage chapel, and from that moment, sought out teachers and instruction with fervent interest! 


Painting icons has become her most treasured daily spiritual practice. She enjoys working with individuals to create personal commissions, as well as icons for churches, galleries, and her own private devotion. She works primarily in acrylic medium on wood.  

Britta resides in Catonsville, Maryland, with her husband Steve, and three adorable little sons.

























"Britta's work is extraordinary! A dynamic and decisive style that speaks to a God given gift honed over the years through practice and prayer. In her icons you see a person whose hand is guided by the Holy Spirit in humility and who paints with love." 

—  David Barnes