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About the Artist

Hello and welcome to my portfolio!


My name is Britta Prinzivalli and I am a Catholic artist and iconographer.  I have been an artist for my entire life, but landed on painting sacred art for the last eighteen years following a deepening of my Catholic faith. 


From 1999-2003, I attended Towson University as an Art Education major. During that time, I was able to dip my hand into every sort of art medium including painting, drawing, ceramics, stained glass, jewelry making, sculpture, and more.  I delighted in creating art for those years, but it wasn't until I encountered someone's hand-painted icon in a small Catholic hermitage one summer that my entire artistic path seemed to be made crystal clear!  I recall seeing that icon and experiencing a deep knowing that I was forever changed and inspired from an endless well of history, tradition and living faith. Painting sacred art would become more than just creating pretty images, but also it would become a spiritual practice in my life.  It felt like my Catholic faith, my prayer life and my talents all came into focus that day.  I sought out my first of many teachers and have delighted in this gift of art and iconography ever since.

The artwork you see here in my portfolio is just a small sample of my artistic journey.  I have been blessed to study with many wonderful teachers over the years who have generously shared the traditions and techniques of iconography. I will consider myself a "forever student" as I continue to explore the depths and riches of sacred art.  I invite you to browse my work, knowing that it's been a journey of studying all the varied icon traditions including Byzantine, Coptic, Russian, and Roman Catholic icons.  


I have been trained to mimic the look of traditional egg tempera by using glazed applications of acrylic on wood panels. Please see my commissions page for more information on working together to make sacred art for your home or church. 


Lastly, I have three "icons" that I'm most proud of, and that is my children. Together with my husband Steve, we enjoy raising our three young boys in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. I'm grateful to have the ability to work from home with them by my side.  God is so good!

What you see in my portfolio is a combination of commissions, studies from iconography workshops, personal practice, gifts to loved ones, and many many "just for fun" pieces.

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