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8x10 inches (or smaller)                     325*

9x12 inches                                            $350*

11x14 inches                                           $380*

12x16 inches                                           $425*

16x20 inches                                          $550*

  18x24 inches                                          $700* 

Free US Shipping

More sizes available, including non-standard sizes.


   *Multiple figures, backgrounds, gilding adjustments, original sketches, or added embellishments to be negotiated.  Prices begin as shown.             Commissions that require original sketches, designs, or redesigns may be subject to price variation.  Full payment is required at the start of the contracted commission.. 


Commissioned artwork is non-refundable. If you choose to cancel a commission, you may be partially refunded based on the amount of work that has already been completed.  You will be sent an email containing a photo of the completed work prior to shipping. The icon will not be shipped until I have received the written confirmation of your approval of the finished piece.

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