Q: I have a favorite icon that I don't see in your portfolio. Do you take custom requests for certain Saints or images?

A: Absolutely! I'm happy to work with you to design an icon to your preferences, insofar that it stays within the general frame of iconography. This can all be discussed through an email dialogue prior to the start of a commission.


Q: I can't afford a large icon. Is a smaller icon cheaper?

A: This is probably my most frequently asked question! Each icon, no matter how big or small requires many, many hours of work.  While for most things, smaller is often "cheaper", such is not the case for writing icons.  Smaller icons require more detail, finer brush strokes, and often MORE time than a moderately sized icon. Generally, anything smaller than an 8"x10" loses some of the beauty in the detailed rendering.  


Q: How long does it take you to paint a commissioned icon?

A:  Each icon is unique in it's complexity.  The more elaborate the design, the longer it takes to complete.  But generally, I can complete your icon within a four to six week timeline.  If I anticipate that it will take longer, the time frame will be communicated to you beforehand.  


Q: Can I pay through PayPal?

A: Yes. Payment can be made to brittworksicons@gmail.com.


Q: I am looking for a gift for under $50. Do you offer any prints or small icons in that price range?

A: I do not offer prints at this time.  I prefer to work on direct commissions, and each icon requires many hours of work.  Please contact me directly to discuss the specifics of pricing for the icon you have in mind.  


Q: You work in acrylic and not the traditional egg tempera.  Is that even allowed?

A: While acrylic is not the traditional medium, it renders a very similar final product.  I use the same techniques of traditional iconography.  


Q: Are the halos made of real gold?

A: Yes.  I use 23k gold leaf on the halos.


Q: Do you offer classes for small groups?

A: Yes.  I'm happy to discuss the details and logistics of organizing a class.